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About Karianne

Karianne is an experienced Legal Counsel specialized in Real Estate, Procurement and Commercial Contracts. In addition to being available as General and Legal Counsel on an interim basis, she is also available as a Business Mediator. She supports parties in all sorts of corporate conflicts within, or between, companies (e.g. shareholder disputes, labor disputes and disputes between franchisor and franchisee.


Karianne gained extensive knowledge and experience during her time as an Attorney at Law and consequently working for a fast growing, globally operating, retail company. In 2018 she received her degree in mediation and in 2023 she completed the specialization training resulting in her labor mediation degree.

Her experience as a legal professional, as well as having fulfilled a commercial management position within a company, provides her with a solid legal base, a commercial approach and a strategic view. As a Mediator she can be characterized as empathetic and constructive. 


She adapts easily to her surroundings and the situation at hand. As a professional she considers it to be essential to understand the interests of both company and people. She is not afraid to think out of the box, she is decisive, proactive and driven.

Karianne Baumann owner at STAND Legal and Mediation Solutions

Becoming STAND

After graduating from law school Karianne worked as an Attorney at Law for five years at a large and medium-sized law firm. Consequently she became a Legal Counsel within a fast growing, globally operating, retail company. Within the Legal team she was responsible for the Real Estate and Procurement matters worldwide. Finally, she was promoted to a commercial management position within the Real Estate team. During her time in-house, she managed various national and international projects and teams. In March 2023 she founded STAND and is currently working as an independent Counsel and Business Mediator.



Karianne has an extensive network in the Real Estate and Retail world. Her network also consists of Legal Counsels, Notaries, Lawyers and financial experts. As a result, she can easily request specialist help or refer if needed.

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